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Hmong Contemporary Issues
Hmoob cov Xwm Txheej rau Tiam no
Les Problématiques contemporaines des Hmong

Stories and other fictions

Ann Paj Yeeb's Wedding Dilemma

Ann knew that her family and her community would not accept her dating a non-Hmong. She was living in a decade where the Hmong community was transitioning, but changes were doubled with tragedies. Marry a non-Hmong was something completely inconceivable and unacceptable. Her family wouldn't tolerate it. Afraid of her parents, and of their dreadful criticism and total rejection, she hid the relationship. Life went on, in grey color at home. [...]


The Frog who Wants to Be as Big as the Ox

However, Frog Bul-Foast does not know what to do exactly in order to become as big as an ox. He thinks meticulously when a piece of idea emerges from its mind:
- I just need to behave like oxes in order to be as big as an ox.

In the Land of Hurt, when a frog is nicely huge, potbellied, and tall like an ox, the community loves inviting it to give speeches. All look at it very highly, as an excellent role model.

The Three Pearls Facing Unfaithfulness

The phone kept ringing while Malee was driving back home, to Fresno, California on the freeway number 5. Her heart was smashed like mash potatoe. That morning, her boy-friend, Koua, called her to tell her that he was going to marry somebody else, a 16 year-old girl whom he now loved. Despaired, she was, and totally, and incapable to think more about what to do. She decided to drive home instead of staying alone in Los Angeles.


The Third Beauty

The Man Who Talked to the Banana Trees

- At my age, --he was at that time 51 years old-- I am not young anymore. I would like to have a young wife who will flourish my days". It was his deepest wish that he often shared with the banana trees of his farm in North Carolina. He had a beautiful plot of banana trees that gave delicious fruits, and joy to his heart. When sitting under them, he felt like they were talking to him, so he answered back. Their leaves were like wings under the blue clear sky. When he was a little boy, his mother often took him to cut some banana bunches and trunks to feed the pigs. It was his happier time before their exile to the West. His parents were still alive. [...]


May's First Love

But should I tell him that I did love him truly? It may console him. I can do that because he is still single.", she was wondering, torn between the urge to hug him and to cut him from her world. She chose to not say anything. Openly demonstrating one's affection was so problematic. Marrying is not about being in love, but surviving.
In each visit, she never stayed very long. She then ran back home, diligently cooked some fresh rice and boiled a chicken drum stick. When May knew it was time for Pheng to leave his aunt, she went out to wait for him on the road that took him to the bus station. [...]